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Marissa DeFranco's Bid to Unseat Rep. Tierney
NECN Broadside the News with Jim Braude
August 20, 2014

Marissa DeFranco doesn't mince words - and it showed when she confronted Representative John Tierney in a debate in Massachusetts' 6th District primary for Congress.

DeFranco, who practices immigration law in Middleton, said the Democratic party may be standing by Tierney, but she's gaining support from women's groups. "This is interesting because they go around the country saying that when women succeed, America succeeds, is the mantra of Nancy Pelosi, so they can't have it both ways," she said.

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Marisa's New Ad

July 8, 2014
National Women’s Political Caucus Endorses Marisa DeFranco for Massachusetts' 6th Congressional District

2014 Candidate for Congress committed to Women’s Rights

Washington, DC – Washington, D.C. – The National Women’s Political Caucus (NWPC) proudly endorses Marisa DeFranco as Representative for Massachusetts’ Sixth District. DeFranco is a passionate leader who is looking to create reforms and ensure women’s rights in Congress.

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